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Open Gate Festival

Food growers are due to open their gates to visitors as part of Highland Perthshire’s very first Open Gate Festival, which aims to encourage us to eat more locally grown food by showcasing the best of what is being produced in the area.


Dozens of growers have signed up to the 10-day festival – from farms and professional market gardens to beekeepers and hobbyists – to welcome people for tours, talks and tastings. 


Running from August 23 to September 1, there will also be workshops on growing mushrooms, fermenting vegetables, and foraging and preserving food, a fun guest speakers evening covering the bigger issues around food production, a community feast celebration on August 31, and a screening at the Birks cinema of Fungi: Web of Life and Q&A with biologist and author Merlin Sheldrake. There will be specific workshops and farm visits for schools.

  • A full list of the open gate venues and events will be available soon.

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Go With Your Gut

Monday, August 19th, 6.45pm

Q&A with Tim Spector, the brains behind the Zoe health app, streaming live from the Edinburgh International Book Festival. The event takes place at the Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy, when bestselling author and epidemiologist Tim Spector will help us separate fact from fiction when it comes to food and health.

Stride for life

Every Thursday, 10.30am
Meet at Aberfeldy Information Centre, The Square PH15 2DD


If you're looking for some support to get more active, or just fancy a walk with company, then Stride for Life walks could be right up your path. Led by volunteers (including Healthiest Town's active health link worker Sheila Wilson, the sessions are free and suitable for everyone - and the group can split if someone wants a short power walk and others want a simple stroll. Accessible to all fitness levels and any ability/disability. 

  • No need to book. Walks 30 minutes to one hour

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Fungi: the web of life

Monday, August 26th, 7pm

The documentary screening is preceded by a filmed Q&A with Merlin Sheldrake that provides insight into the filming of this incredible documentary.

Much of life on Earth is connected by a vast, hidden network that we are only just beginning to understand. Out of sight, between the world of plants and animals, another world exists----the kingdom of fungi.

Through the eyes of passionate biologist and writer Merlin Sheldrake, join us on this brilliant round-the-world journey into the secret world of fungi. Through dazzling images of fungi under the microscope, and all around us in the forest, Merlin unravels the many secrets of these essential organisms in the web of life. So much more than mushrooms, not only do fungi shape the weather and support life on land, they are at the cutting edge of medical research and even have the power to break down plastic waste.

Fungi takes us from the ancient Tasmanian Tarkine Rainforest to the mystical wilds of China’s Yunnan Province, in search of solutions to some of our planet’s biggest challenges. Can the answers be found in the wonderful world of fungi?

Dull to Boring 12,000-mile challenge

if you are looking for motivation to get you running or walking this summer, then we have just the challenge – the Dull to Boring 12,000-mile virtual team challenge is aiming to cover on foot the distance between the village of Dull, in Perth and Kinross, and its twin town in Oregon in the US, Boring.


Launched in April, the team has made it almost half way there. With about 40participants currently adding their miles to the online map, they could do with some more people to pull on their hiking boots or trainers and help them reach their final destination by mid-August.


Whatever walking or running you do, it can count towards the total – walking the dog, going to the shops or to school, on the treadmill, up Ben Lawers, Drummond Hill, The Birks: wherever you go on two feet just log the distance in the WorldWalking app or online and you'll be part of our 12,000-mile journey.


  • For more details about how to join the Dull to Boring challenge and for updates on the journey, find us on Facebook

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