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Our Story

We're a group of local health professionals in Aberfeldy, and we want to build a community where people can live well for longer.

Many people will be aware that in the last 10 years we've seen rising numbers of people experiencing:

· low energy

· poor sleep

· low mood

· diabetes

· heart disease

· lung disease

· strokes

· cancer

How about if you could reduce the chance of these conditions by living a healthier lifestyle?

How about if, by working as a community, we could improve people's mental and physical health and decrease the number of these conditions in Aberfeldy?

How about if, we could make Aberfeldy the healthiest town in the UK?

You may remember how during the Covid-19 pandemic, FeldyRoo fed those who might not have been able to feed themselves. Or you might know about the group walks organised by Strathay Ramblers to combat loneliness and isolation whilst getting active.

These are just a couple of examples of the work by local people to improve people's wellbeing.

So, we've formed a community group inspired by these projects and the world's 'Blue Zones' to explore ways of getting more people active within Aberfeldy and enjoying it more.


The ambition is to bring together and raise awareness of all these projects so that more people can enjoy happier, healthier lives.


We're calling the community group 'Aberfeldy: Healthiest Town in Scotland' and this is a journey. A journey to live better for longer.

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