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The Healthiest Town Monthly - January 2024

Healthiest Town + Food

One focus of the Healthiest Town project is food. We are aiming to enable our community to access good, healthy, local food and to reduce food waste.

In order to achieve this, we are running some great local initiatives:

  • Open Gate Festival - this will run for a week in late August and will enable all local growers and producers, both commercial and amateur to show the public what they do. We will have a range of workshops taking place, along with a Community Feast. Stay tuned for more information.

  • Too Good to Waste - working with local cafes and restaurants, we aim to encourage healthier options on menus and to reduce food waste.

  • Community Cooking - we are offering a range of classes and workshops to help people learn simple cooking skills and tips.

  • Promoting Local, Healthy Food - we are promoting local businesses who encourage local, healthy food.

  • Cooking Equipment Library - we hope to have a library of cooking equipment for folks to borrow up and running soon.

  • Meal Bags - we are supporting the provision of healthy meal bags for the social supermarket.

Winter Health Workshop Series

Healthiest Town are running a series of health workshops over winter, helping people to be the best they can be. Winter can be a challenging time for many and it is important to maintain physical & mental health.

The series will include workshops on a range of topics, including:

  • Fermented Foods - the health benefits and how to make simple fermented foods

  • Breathing and how better breathing can improve our health

  • Low Cost, Healthy Cooking

  • Physical Activity - the benefits and how to get going

  • Simple ways to beat the winter blues

Would you like to get more active and improve your health?

Sheila, our Active Health Link Worker, is available to support you with free, confidential, 1-to-1 sessions. For more information, email Sheila on:

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