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Walking and running… a novel cure for depression and anxiety?!

Did you know that regular moderate physical activity (running or fast walking) is as effective, if not better, than medication to treat mild to moderate depression?

Here in Aberfeldy we are passionate about trying to get people to move more. It isn’t necessarily about lycra clad long cycles, triathlons or long walks. It’s about finding ways in which you can introduce more movement into your day-to-day life. Maybe that’s walking to the shops, doing a loop of the house, a bit of extra gardening. Can you change your commute? Or re-invent your Wednesday afternoon coffee catch-ups?

We are advised to do 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. During moderate intensity exercise we should be sweating, breathless but able to talk a bit. Why is this recommended? Because the benefits of physical activity are extensive, having a hugely beneficial effect on physical health (including preventing heart disease, strokes, many cancers, diabetes and much more) and mental health.

Unfortunately, a third of adults in the UK struggle to meet these guidelines, having a big impact on communities, healthcare and economies. The good news is that we can address it, and the benefits of doing some physical activity are greatest in those who do the least. Some is better than none, more is better than some!

Why not join us at the Christmas Market on the 2nd of December (12:30pm, The Square) for the Santa Stride, as we aim to get Aberfeldy moving. Walk, run, skip (or combine all three) 2km, 5km or 7kms. Remember your Santa hat and your festive spirit. For some that may seem like a lot, so let us help you build up to it. Download the couch to 5 km app on your mobile, and join us on a Monday night at WalkTalkWalk/RunTalkRun for some support, guidance and company!

If you need inspiration or help, why not reach out to Sheila, the physical activity link worker with the Healthiest Town. You can contact Sheila either directly on 07871 824598 or by emailing her at

Happy movement! And see you at Santa Stride!

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