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There's help in your pocket!

One of the biggest challenges we all face in achieving our goals is accessibility and motivation.

It's now January 20th, and if you're like me many of those new years resolutions are becoming distance memories. We all need help, and fortunately it could be found in our pockets.

The NHS has created multiple apps to help us all live healthier happier lives, which we can all benefit from .

If you need persuaded of the benefits of physical activity, eating well, living in community and putting our mental wellbeing first then please look over our website ( If you're like me me though you'll know these things are good for you, but acknowledge the difficulty of implementation. But help is at hand.

Here's a link to the apps

They include:

  1. NHS Weight loss plan app: a 12 week plan to help you loose weight

  2. Cough to 5km app: a running app for absolute beginners

  3. Active 10: track and build up your daily walks, starting with just 10 minutes a day

  4. NHS Quit Smoking app: daily support to help you quit smoking.

There's loads more.

And we'd love to hear from you if you know anymore good resources!

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