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aspiring to be

Scotland's healthiest town

What's on

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Our Vision and Story

The Vision

We have learned from the world's healthiest people on how to feel well and live longer. Harnessing the power of our local community to improve the health and wellbeing of our 'wee' town, we dream of improved physical health and wellbeing, and of Aberfeldy becoming Scotland's healthiest town. 

Our Story

We are inspired by stories from the world’s healthiest communities (‘Blue Zones’), and we want to share the knowledge and lessons learned to benefit our community. We work and live in this community and we understand the challenges people face finding the right path to good health, and working through an avalanche of conflicting advice. Here we share the scientific evidence base for enjoying life for longer.

Man Walking in Fields

Active Health
Link Worker

Do you want support in getting more active? 

Healthiest Town wants to support people to become more active as a way of improving their health and wellbeing. 
In summer 2023, we employed Sheila Wilson to deliver a free and confidential one-to-one advice service for people (aged 16+) living in Aberfeldy and Kinloch Rannoch, to become more active, to help their physical and/or mental health.

4 Golden Tickets

Our simplified nuggets for better living

  1. Move more

  2. Eat well

  3. Find Balance

  4. Connect with others 

Walking Sticks
Farmers Market
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Move More

Eat Well

Find Balance

Connect with Others

Locally Inspired

Inspired by some of the people in our community pursuing healthier lives, we wanted to share their stories. And kindly they obliged!

Our Launch Night

On Monday 16th May 2022 we had our official 'Healthiest Town' launch in Aberfeldy, where we set out our vision for the town. To find out more watch the video!

Join Our Community

We are always looking for local people to join our growing community. If you feel like you have something to offer in helping Aberfeldy become Scotland's Healthiest Town, then please join our WhatsApp Group. This resource will be used to help coordinate and communicate. Please introduce yourself if you join!

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